Survival tips: Fashion Exorcism


Jessica Alba's layered winter look aka the look to strive for. (SOURCE:
Jessica Alba's layered winter look aka the look to strive for. (SOURCE:

You made it through the snowflakes and black ice to come all the way back to paradise.

I’m glad to see that many have returned to our humble abode, and many have joined us on our mission to BE EXCEPTIONAL (BC tagline for those who didn’t care to know).

Although I love to see all your beautiful faces, there is still one problem:

Everything under your neck.


I know that it is winter and everyone wants to stay warm. I GET IT.

No one says,“being cute” requires you to be Eskimoed out (Eskimos are undeniably cute, yet I don’t know where you can find polar bear fur this season).

Instead, I see you guys packing on the layers.


Literally, guys on campus are definitely going the utilitarian fashion route.

If it’s durable, warm, and has about 20 pockets. It’s good to go.

As far as the eye can see, there is Northface this and that. I’m so tired of seeing the typical Northwesterner:



It’s all in the name. Apparently, there is no other brand that fully represents the Northwest and keeps you warm at the same time.

Sweatshirt for a school you wish you could attend:

Well, I’m not one to crush dreams, but since people like to visualize their goals, why not wear them?


I have no problem with sweats, but at least wear clean ones. No one wants to see ketchup and mustard stains from your overpriced BC burger. Also, if you are wearing sweats, DO NOT think that you are MR. GQ. I’m sorry, but I don’t think Hugo Boss has featured any sweats in it lately.

School is NOT A


BUT, kudos to the few who are rocking the heather grey pea-coats (black is definitely overrated), scarves, beanies, boots, and filling in the blanks with the other necessities. You defy the typical Seattleite mentality and dress for comfort while looking exceptional.


The sweatshirt, UGG, and lulu combo is getting really old. It’s 2011, please don’t go there AGAIN.

Try something new.

Sure, lulus are easy to wear, guys love everything about them, and no one looks bad in them.

Yet they are BORING, and you will become too predictable. Your weeks worth of outfits that you have on rotation will be used for bingo games. I doubt you want someone to get the BINGO and predict your fashion failure.

However, the typical BELLEVUE GIRL style is not the only trend thats in question:


Skinny jeans that don’t fit: I doubt you want someone to yell, “JELLY ROLLS COME OUT TO PLAY”. This is not the movie, “The Warriors”. Go a size up or go to Free People. Their pants are like leggings, so they stretch as you wear them.

Schizophrenic layers:

I know that you are trying to be creative and add a bunch of different textures, colors, and styles. STOP. Most people can’t multitask efficiently. Clothing goes the same way.

Kudos to the girls with the printed tights, knee high boots, and actual COATS. Ladies, cover up you goods. I don’t think you want them to freeze off.