Questkids: The brand for cool kids only

Questkids fall 2010 ad (SOURCE: Questkids)
Questkids fall 2010 ad (SOURCE: Questkids)

Questkids kids have the attitude, the brains, the creativity, and yet can still recite their ABC’s. They match the swagger of M.I.A, Pharrell, and Kanye West, while towering at only four feet tall.

Questkids is Binh Nguyen’s (founder, owner, and designer) brain child. Based in Seattle, the company is known for its edgy, stylish, and urban children’s apparel.

According to Nguyen, the idea behind the company surfaced in 2006 when his 2-year-old niece was diagnosed with cancer and treated at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The staff’s treatment of the children and the way the children fought for their lives inspired Nguyen. T-shirts became canvas as he used his artistic talents to thank the hospital. All the proceedings from the brand were then donated to the hospital that saved his niece.

Unlike the catchy trends (dinosaurs and movie themed tees) that fashion giants like Target go for, Questkids’ style is fresh, full of personality, and unique.

The brand is a lifestyle — one that the models embody. “It’s about teaching the youth that they can do anything in life. Whether you’re five years old, 10 or 15,” says Nguyen. “Little kids who are really fresh, from all races, from females to young boys”

These kids have mastered pre-cool, but school is still their main focus.They are young entrepreneurs, “superhuman kids that are phenomenal at their gifts”, says Christopher Coleman (Marketing Director). They have even accomplished the dreams of some adults, such as being involved in Bellevue’s 2010 fashion show.

What separates QuestKids from other kids brands is the importance of personal communication. “We have one-on-one communication with our models, with the kids that wear our clothes. That made them trust us more as a company.” From one customer to a million customers they will still have the same mindset.

Getting into the mind of their audience is also important. Making clothes for kids is pointless without getting the child’s perspective. Thus, Nyugen’s nephew is an active participant in the design process. They even want to create a “creative team focus group” that he would head.

With every item purchased, Questkids Clothing still gives back to the community by donating a portion of our proceeds to children affected by cancer.

Questkids' Esko Tee ($15) (SOURCE:
Questkids' Esko Tee ($15) (SOURCE:

Their clothes can be purchased at Zebra Club in Bellevue Square. Watch out, Old Navy, Questkids makes it easy to Indulge by pricing their classic Esko tee for only $15. Bargain.

QuestKids is quickly growing, and is hoping to spread to the big time stores like Nordstrom and even globally.

Continue to go on the journey and follow the Quest. Be sure check out their new 2011 collection “Tiny giants league”, which is a play off of old Ivy League look.

Overall, Questkids employees are living the life. They saw the bud of an idea bloom, and today, we get to see the finished product. A concept that was built around family remains family oriented, from the staff, who are close friends among one another, to the relationships that have been built between the child models. Getting paid for what you love — sounds like the American dream to me. “Don’t let go of your dream, and find those who support it” -Coleman

They are going to be a Co sponsor for S.S.Y.C (stands for Seattle Skateboarding youth club) during the month of Feb. Questkids and SSYC will also be at the Bellevue skatepark on  Feb 2, Feb 9, Feb 16, Feb 23. They will also be a holding a contest. Get info at or

If you have any questions or want to check out the brand, visit and leave them a comment. They are always sure to respond to all feedback.