Celebrity-Athlete relationships

(SOURCE: mix1073fm.com)
(SOURCE: mix1073fm.com)

Don’t we all wonder who we would marry if we were famous?

For most celebrities, it seems as though everyone starts dating an athlete, creating the stereotype “celebrity-athlete”.

When people bring up celebrity gossip, it’s always about a break up or a new relationship.

It’s always the same celebrity dating a new athlete or the same athlete dating a new celebrity.People can’t get enough of these stories and gossip about all the reasons as to why each relationship didn’t work out.

For Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett, maybe just having a child is the  reason why they are still together. Even the stress of multiple moves due to Hank’s career, hasn’t caused any turmoil in this couple’s relationship.

After close to two years of marriage and one son, they are staying strong and on their second season of “Kendra.” Who would think that someone who never was a celebrity by talent could end up happier than most who earned their celebrity status.

Then there’s Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, who have recently filed for divorce due to Tony’s infidelity. Not only did they date for years, but they were only married for two years or so and called it quits.

How could someone cheat on someone so beautiful and feel any better if you have reached top knotch?

Could it be due to the huge height difference that Tony cheated? Whatever went through Tony’s mind obviously was more important than trying to stay with Eva.

Not only are their marriges that work and fail, there are also relationships that go through the same status.

Like Kim Kardashian  and Reggie Bush who had dated on and off for over two years.

These two ended up spliting more because Kim’s life had changed. Maybe the high life isn’t always the best thing to strive for. At least that was the case for Kim.  I feel as though only one couple really stands out for being out of the norm from the stereotype.

David and Victoria Beckham. Not only are they in a successful marriage, they are also their own business partners.

Could the answer to a successful celebrity-athlete be a combined business and not love?

Every relationship has their own unique reason to why it ended, but majority of these relationships end with a break up.

Majority of the athletes are bound to want fun in their lives.

Travelling around the country, meeting new people, there is no reason to stop them, even if they are committed.

Also athletes are competitive and strive for the best. Maybe their significant other is like a competition, like replacing a older trophy for a newer trophy.

It will always be a pondering thought that will never have an accurate answer.