Time for Men’s Tennis at BC

SOURCE: (cramondparents.co.uk)
SOURCE: (cramondparents.co.uk)

It’s time for Bellevue College to get a Men’s tennis team!

With the girls winning NWAACC the last seven years in a row under Head Coach Jason Chapman, it’s time to give the men a shot at representing our school.

We are in a very special area in which there are a lot of elite players. After talking to several high school coaches around the area, they without a doubt feel that a Bellevue College Men’s tennis team would draw top players and be successful in NWAACC.

With many high school players not having the opportunity to play at universities directly out of high school, but are talented enough to compete in the college circuit, Bellevue College would be the perfect option.

I feel the tennis players that the Men’s team would produce would be far superior to other Men’s teams currently in NWAACC.

Currently all the other schools in NWAACC who have a Women’s team have a Men’s team as well. So you might ask yourself, Why don’t we have a Men’s team?

The simple answer is money. To have a Men’s team would mean scholarships, travelling fees, court fees and other expenses the school cannot afford right now.

However the team would more likely than not be a dominant force in NWAACC and bring home titles for Bellevue College, which would strengthen our athletic programs across the board.

The success would in return bring recognition to Bellevue College, thus bringing more students and providing the school with more money. After is all said and done, the positives outweigh the negatives on this issue.

I know several high school tennis players right now who would love the chance to play on a Bellevue College team, but the opportunity is just not there. Therefore their tennis careers appear to be over. It is tough to see these players opportunities limited.

The players are there, the coaches are there, and the support is definitely there for a Men’s team. I think the time is right to go ahead and implement a Men’s team.

It is obviously too late to have one put together for the upcoming season, but it is not too late to prepare for next year’s tennis season.

If being part of a Men’s tennis team is something you would be passionate about, please let Bellevue College know how you feel.

And who knows, maybe next year at this time someone will be writing an article about how the Bellevue College Men’s team is about to begin their inaugural season in NWAACC.