Best and worst dressed at the Australian Open 2011


As we all know it, the athletes not only bring out their game face during their matches, but a new fashion statement.

This year has not been any different when it comes to the outfits of our professional tennis players.  They would strut out in their new outfits and bring out their best tennis strategies that the world can only see four times a year.

As the New Year begins, the tennis world starts out with their first grand slam called the Australian Open. Big names such as Venus and Serena Williams, Caroline Wozniacki, Maria Sharapova, Andy Roddick, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal come out and once again fight for the big grand slam title.

Tennis has always showed great outfits from designers such as Nike, Lacoste, and Adidas.

Like any other red carpet event, tennis has their own version of their best and worst dressed but on the court.  One of our most fashionable tennis players are Venus and Serena Williams.

For the past couple of years Venus and Serena Williams has changed the fashion expectation for tennis.  Bringing in their own line of tennis clothes, they push the edge in their tennis clothes for everyone to see.  Yet again, the Venus Williams did not disappoint the crowd in their shocking outfits.

Venus Williams had a bright yellow fish net like top and a colorful skirt and nude color spanks.  It was almost as though she wants to prove a point, yet she is going for the wrong direction.  With a shocking end to Venus’s 2011 Australian Open by withdrawing from the third round due to an injury, her outfit still stands out as the worst dressed for this grand slam.

The best dressed for the Australian Open 2011 came in a tie between nine players, six women and three men. One outfit that stands out is Victoria Azarenka wearing a great pink dress from Nike.

Another best dressed tennis player was Maria Sharapova. Always styling with great earrings wore a grey Nike dress with orange accents and an orange visor. This definitely showed that she does not have a bad sense in style compared to her last year outfit.

Every player has their own sense in style when it comes to the outfit they decide to use, but I feel as though they should always take into consideration that there are children who are watching these grand slams and shouldn’t be revealing.  Unlike Venus William’s outfit wearing the nude color spanks, it seems as though it is too revealing for the young audience.

Who do you think was the best dressed in the Australian Open 2011?