Attempted Bellevue Kidnapping Suspect Now in Custody

Photo credit Bellevue Police Department

It was a snowy evening on February 13 when the Bellevue Police received a call about an attempted kidnapping. According to the report, at 6:20pm, a man tried to force a woman into his car at knifepoint off of Northup Way and 108th Avenue NE. The victim managed to flag a car down, and the man sped away westbound. Luckily, the woman was unharmed, and reported the incident.

For days, the police looked for the suspect. He was reported to have been a slender black man in a black hat, black and grey hoodie, and grey jeans, driving a 90s white Dodge Caravan. Detectives released a region-wide bulletin, and on February 19, the Seattle Police contacted the Bellevue Police. The Seattle Police recognized the perpetrator, as he had committed a similar crime in the city. He was already in custody in the Snohomish County Jail for unrelated charges. 

The Dodge he drove was already reported as stolen in Seattle and is currently being investigated. Upon the man’s release from Snohomish County Jail, he will be booked at the King County Jail.

Though the attempted kidnapper was found days ago, this story remains haunting and sends a clear message to the safety of women in King County, even in Bellevue. Regardless of inclimate weather or time of day, as this attempted kidnapping happened in the evening during a snowstorm, it is imperative to be alert, especially if you are a woman. The Bellevue Police have a pamphlet regarding personal safety overall for different scenarios. In cases like these, Bellevue police recommend avoiding walking alone if possible, and to walk confidently, with purpose. Stick to busy, well-lit streets and avoid dark, isolated areas. On sidewalks, face traffic to see approaching cars. Most importantly, try to walk undistracted, such as by avoiding headphones, and remain aware of your surroundings.