New Barnes and Noble Location Opening in Bellevue

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels.

Are you an avid book reader? Or maybe you just like the cozy feeling of being in a bookstore surrounded by typed and bound knowledge? You are in luck because Barnes and Noble has announced they are opening a new store in the Crossroads Shopping Center.

Barnes and Noble have had a scarce amount of storefronts for a while; the lack of bookstores dating back before the pandemic. Currently, there are only three stores in the relative Bellevue proximity, one in Bellevue itself and the other two in Southcenter and Kirkland respectively. In 2018 they closed their West Seattle location, and in 2020 declared the closure of the Downtown Seattle store. Though, many big businesses have taken their leave from the area including the iconic Macy’s store and Forever 21. The once-thriving downtown area is now looking a bit business-sparse especially after the pandemic has left windows and doors boarded up. Many companies now see storefronts as an unfeasible option due to the demand for online shopping options provided by services like Amazon.

The announcement of the Crossroads location opening arrives as bittersweet news because it marks the closing of the 106th Avenue location in Bellevue. Though, to ensure a smooth transition to the new location the Bellevue store won’t close until the day before the new location opens. The plan is to complete the move sometime this fall. There have been quite a few moving sales occurring already at the Bellevue storefront. To follow along with the news of the move you can check out the Barnes and Noble Bellevue Instagram.