BC Governance Council Election Results Unveiled for 2023-2024 Academic Year

Sean Wu // The Watchdog

The government of Bellevue College announced last Monday the election winners of several important school government positions for the 2023-2024 school year. Specifically, it announced that Michael Broome will represent the science department within the Faculty Council; Ithzel Moreno will be on the Exempt Council; and Heather Burrill, Branden Ellsworth, Ted Mansfield and Valencio Socia will represent the Classified Council, all of which are parts of the larger Constituency Council.

Elections for Constituency Council members occur every year during the spring quarter. Any person who is a member of the school population that a particular council represents can run for any available position. For a faculty member or employee to run, they must have worked for BC for at least six months and work at least 50 percent of the hours of a full-time employee. The  Associated Student Government (ASG) set guidelines for which students can run.

When it comes to voting, a person can vote for a candidate who is running for the committee that represents them. After being elected, the members of each Constituency Council vote on who will be their leader in the assembly. They also vote on who among them will serve on the Functional Councils of the assembly, with each Committee Council voting on who will serve on the Functional Council most similar in purpose to the respective Committee Council. This way, popular opinion is designed to reverberate throughout the various levels of Bellevue College Governance.