BC Poetry Profile: Abigail McClure

Abigail McClure // Used with permission.

Abigail McClure is a second-year running start student taking a poetry class at Bellevue College. Below is her piece, “An Ode to a Streetlamp,” followed by an interview with the aspiring poet.

“An Ode to a Streetlamp”

Streetlamp, glorious sun 
warmly illuminating the cloud-blanketed street 
during late winter nights 
of heavy silence and tranquility. 
Flitting, falling snowflakes 
ignite with sparkling magnificence 
by your gentle brilliance. 
You are a tender fire 
brightening a chilling December night.
A hearty belly laugh 
scaring away 
the two-headed monster in a dark closet. 
You are a lighthouse  
that guides me home.
A bioluminescent creature 
in an ocean of cars. 
Electricity courses through you 
as if struck by lightning 
and only you 
could transform that energy 
into such radiant beauty. 
With sweet honeysuckle nectar 
and freshly-pressed strawberry lemonade 
and the delicate aroma of young tea roses.
arrives at last 
and your Saturn-hued twilight glow  
makes the balmy July nights blissful, 
And the gritty gravel pavement 
becomes glittering gold 
as your heavenly beams rest peacefully upon 
the daffodils and dandelions 
dancing down below.  
Through pouring rain,
through icy snow,
you persist.
Never yielding to the surrounding darkness. 
You rest peacefully 
during hours of daylight,
but you are always there 
when I need you. 

Q: What is this poem about? Why did you choose it?

A: This poem is about the streetlamp that I can see right outside my window across the street from my house. I chose to share this poem because I feel that it is a strong reflection of my poetry-writing abilities, and I think the metaphors in it are creative. 

Q: Tell me a bit about yourself, your education and your writing experience.

A: Currently, I am a senior at Redmond High School. After this quarter, I will have completed my AA in Arts and Sciences. In the fall, I will be attending a four-year college (although I am not sure where yet)… I enjoy playing cello in my free time, exploring new knowledge, as well as going out with friends. I have written poetry on occasion throughout my life, but this is the first time I have taken a poetry class. I am enjoying it so far!

Q: Why do you like poetry? What about it intrigues you?

A: I like poetry because of its ability to express emotions that are difficult to explain otherwise. And it is often a beautiful reflection of one’s most contemplative thoughts. I love how there are so many different forms, and how everyone has a different voice for writing poetry.

Q: Do you plan on pursuing poetry or writing of another kind?

A: Although I do not plan to go into poetry or writing for a bachelor’s degree, I want to continue writing poetry. I find it to be therapeutic to write, and writing a poem that I like is satisfying. Being able to put my feelings into an eloquent work of art is amazing.

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