BC Poetry Profile: Nikolas Stott

Nikolas Stott
Nikolas Stott // Used with permission.

Nikolas Stott is halfway through his first year at Bellevue College with hopes of pursuing a creative career in the future. Below we showcase his poetry piece “Snow Song” followed by a brief interview with Stott.

“Snow Song”

A few minutes into the climb 
the snow began to fall. 
This wasn't the fun it sounds. 
A bird sat atop my head 
and made a cushion out of my hat. 
It sang of wonder and whimsy 
as marvelous notes left its beak. 
If music were to be met with magic 
this would be the product. 
With one last note it left me an unwanted gift 
and merged with the vast pale ether ahead. 
Company's a smaller thing on a mountain. 
The company that swells with warmth 
and coddles the soul with a supernova 
of inmost light. 
Where towers of sweltering dark 
seek to consume the beating flesh 
that lays buried 
beneath a labyrinth of creaking bones. 
I was swallowed by the blinding ether. 
Catching a glimpse of the dancing songbird 
my feet weakly swayed.
Through the cosmic array of swirling tones; 
pulling and pulling onward.
Until the bone-white veil 
dissolved the world around me 
and I found myself across the great barrier 
to be met with a beaming ray of hope, 
a lantern clawing its way through the storm. 
To what, exactly–?
The melody that we sing 
is sung back.
Villages that rise, 
that capture that light 
deep within ourselves. 
Or hope, an odd feeling 
in the tides of terror. 
Upon the mound of stars 
I thought I could see the universe. 
Liked the lie of this 
and closed my eyes 
as firelight 
licked at my face. 
We brought our demons with us, 
their secrets, their desires. 
But the kid 
who once whistled a song in the snow 
joined the joyful choir, 
and let the flames erupt inside him, 
taking over. 
Until something new was created 
from nothing 
and smiled 
as they composed 
a blazing and brilliant 
song of snow.

“Snow Song is about someone climbing a snowy mountain in search of something. It is mostly left to interpretation. I chose this poem in particular because I believe it showcases my skills as a writer as well as how far I have come just in the past few weeks,” Stott explained.

When asked why Stott likes poetry, he said “Poetry is amazing to me because anyone can pick up a pen and put their heart into just a few lines. I’ve always been more interested in short literature like short stories, myths and poetry because they are concise and straightforward, while also allowing the reader to understand it in their own unique way due to the ability to be very vague in the writing process.”

Stott describes himself as “an easy-going guy who loves to laze around with my cat, go on runs, work outside and write. For as long as I can remember, I have always been writing short stories or thinking up imaginary worlds and characters. It wasn’t until late into high school when I realized I really wanted to do something with world-building, or anything creative as a career really.”

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