Bulldog Bistro Temporarily Closed Due to Staffing Issues; BC Food Service is Hiring 

On January 2, it was announced through the Bellevue College FYI that the Bulldog Bistro, which is located in the on-campus housing building H and is known for its selection of snacks and pizza, would be closed due to “staffing issues.” The announcement stated that Bellevue College staff are “working on getting additional staff hired to open about mid-month.” The Bistro’s build-your-own pizza and salad options have made it a popular choice of food for Bellevue College students, for both dining and takeout. The closure will certainly be noticed and may signify a larger issue of hiring on campus.  

The Bulldog Bistro is hardly the only food service location at Bellevue College struggling to maintain a consistent staff. In another announcement from the Bellevue College FYI from January 2, it was revealed that the broader BC food service department is currently seeking Food Service & Events Workers. The announcement outlines that the job is open for students only, specifically for those who can work from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays, totaling 16 hours a week. This position is hired quarterly, meaning employees are only committed to the quarter in which they are hired and there is no expectation to continue working after the given quarter ends. Employees are paid $16.34 per hour to $21.55 per hour, depending on their respective experience. The job description says that the job is “a utility position that may be asked to work various job duties. Jobs may include barista, cook, snack bar, check stand, catering, server, bartender, events setup  and breakdown, and dishwashing.” To be eligible, applicants must have or be able to get a Food Handler’s Permit, have excellent customer service skills, demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively, demonstrate experience in handling U.S. currency, possess basic mathematical skills, and have the ability to operate available equipment.”  

To learn more and apply to be a Food Service & Events Worker for Bellevue College, visit the job description. Applicants must attach a one-page cover letter, resume, and answer questionnaires. They are also encouraged to visit the Application Tips before applying. After the application is submitted to the aforementioned site, applicants are asked to send an email to jeanna.shockley@bellevuecollege.edu informing her of their availability. Any questions can also be directed to her. It is important to note that applicants are asked to refrain from coming to the main kitchen to start the process, as the application is online.