BC Resources for New and Returning Bulldogs

It’s been two weeks since the new school year started. With classes in full swing and midterms right around the corner, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and isolated. Luckily, Bellevue College provides many resources to help students succeed academically and feel a sense of belonging, whether that be through student organizations or support systems.

Here are some of the resources (and a map for reference):

Welcome Center — If you are a new student at Bellevue College and have questions about anything ranging from the campus experience to academics, then the Welcome Center is where you should go.

Location: U Building lobby

Academic Success Center — If you are looking for any kind of tutoring or academic support, then the Academic Success Center is the place to visit. They offer free, drop-in tutoring sessions that are sorted by subject, and scheduled appointments for on-campus or remote tutoring.

Location: D204

Counseling Center — If you need someone to talk to or have a pressing issue at hand, the Bellevue College Counseling Center provides access to trained counselors who can help you work through your problem or provide reassurance. To schedule an appointment, call 425-264-2212 or fill out this self scheduling form.

Location: U201

Disability Resource Center — If you have a disability and are looking for learning and testing accommodations, the Disability Resource Center can help you to pursue a more equitable education.

Location: B132

LGBTQ Resource Center — If you are looking for a safe space or want to learn more about LGBTQ+ topics, then the LGBTQ Resource Center is the place for you. If you want more information about the resource center, you can call 425-564-6041.

Location: C212

Student Business Center — The Bellevue College Student Business Center provides campus ID cards, limited free printing, access stickers for the Wellness Center and a posting system similar to Craigslist.

Location: Student Union Building

Bellevue College Library — The Bellevue College library provides access to a vast array of media types including books, magazines, eBooks and DVDs, as well as quiet study spaces that can be reserved. The Ask A Librarian feature on the library website also provides opportunities to connect with librarians and ask questions about research or proper citation techniques.

Location: Library Media Center

Benefits Hub — The Benefits Hub provides a variety of support systems for students who are working hard, but are struggling financially or are food insecure. This can range from housing support to tax help to access to food through the Brutus Food Pantry. You can learn more about services offered, or ask more specific questions about your personal situation, by scheduling an appointment with a Benefits Hub Coach.

Location: U217

Center for Career Connections — If you are looking for career advice or internship opportunities, it might be worth it to visit the office or website of the Center for Career Connections: they provide information about how to find and secure a job/internship, and offer on campus or remote appointments for individual guidance.

Location: U304

Multicultural Student Services — The Multicultural Student Services department at Bellevue College helps foster a welcoming environment for students of different cultural backgrounds by providing assistance and guidance for individual student concerns. You can schedule an appointment with a staff member or chat with someone from the front desk if you want to learn more.

Location: C206
If you have any specific needs or concerns that have not been covered, you can submit a question online to be answered later or join a drop in style call.