Bellevue College’s Nora Lance Retires

Photo Courtesy // Seamus Allen

Nora Lance, a long-serving employee of Bellevue College, is now retired. Lance has served the college for more than 22 years and she has worked her way through many different departments at this college. Most recently she served as the associate director for the Office of Student Engagement whose main job is to support campus activities and events along with helping assist major student programs. This job is very important and it was so perfectly done with Lance in charge.

As for Lance behind the scenes, she enjoyed working with students and connecting with their culture. She is also a very kind-hearted person, who takes international students into her home. Her colleagues describe her as a very enthusiastic and hard-working person. They also say that she has an amazing work ethic and is a very good staff member in general. 

Last Friday, there was a lovely virtual celebration that was held in honor of Lance and her retirement after working for Bellevue College for so many years. The celebration was open to all students and staff that wanted to come to say their best wishes. The Watchdog thanks Lance for her exceptional service and work!