Bellevue Named One of the Best Cities for College Graduates

Photo by Zac Gudakov from Unsplash.

WalletHub recently conducted a study to identify the top college towns and cities in the United States. The rankings were determined by evaluating over 400 cities of various sizes using 32 key indicators that measure academic, social and economic opportunities for students.

Bellevue stands out for its exceptional ability to retain college-educated individuals, as evidenced by its low rate of “brain drain.” This means that college grads tend to remain in Bellevue. Among cities of a similar size, Bellevue boasts one of the highest levels of education, with an even greater percentage of college graduates than Seattle. The average household income in Bellevue is an impressive $162,434, and a significant 70 percent of residents over 25 years of age hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. Despite being smaller in size compared to Seattle, Washington’s highest-ranking city, Bellevue boasts a wide range of opportunities that attract and retain residents.

Bellevue is a highly attractive living area for college graduates and has retained steady and sustainable population growth, expanding by 22 percent over the past decade. The growth can be attributed to the abundance of high-paying jobs within the flourishing tech industry located in the city. According to leaders of this industry, Bellevue has a number of qualities that make it an ideal location for major technology companies. The city’s low crime rate, supportive business environment and lively downtown area are all factors that have contributed to its appeal.

While it is always beneficial to explore new opportunities outside of one’s current location, Bellevue College students should also consider taking advantage of the resources available to them within their own city, as exploring the opportunities in Bellevue can potentially lead to good future jobs or career opportunities within the area.