Concert Choir and Chamber Choir

By Emma Sargeant.
Next week marks the last of Bellevue Community College’s musical invitationals for the fall quarter. The first of two shows will be held Thursday, Dec. 4, 7:30pm at the Carlson Theatre, presenting talent from the concert choir and the chamber choir. Tom Almli will be returning to the Carlson Theatre’s stage after November’s jazz line-up directing the concert choir. Concert Choir is a three-credit class and recognised as Music 100. The music program is equipped with a full-transfer curriculum for students to fulfill the freshman and sophomore requirments of a four-year college. Concert choir educates students on a wide repertoire of music, ranging from choral literature to musical theatre, classes in theory, vocal jazz, chamber music and solo singing. The ensemble provides opportunities to perform traditional choral literature and great masterworks, while students learn and understand the basics of reading music. They also learn the fundamentals of vocal production and musical expression. Though the class is three credits, students are required to attend daily, scheduled rehearsals and performances to sculpt their craft and enhance the reality of making music a career. The last concert choir performance at BCC was a showcase of “Best of Broadway