Cost for Weather Disasters Increases Over Past 5 Years

Photo by Cristofer Maximilian from Unsplash

Over the past five years, hurricane prices have gone up an intense amount. As of right now with the most recent extreme weather disaster, Hurricane Ida, the United States spent over $65 billion just on repairs for damage. This sent the United States budget for hurricanes to just about $75 billion, giving real insight into the damage climate change can do. 

With that in mind, the United States has spent a total of $750 billion in the past half-decade just trying to fix damages from intense weather disasters, leaving the states in a lot of financial trouble. The increase in population in the U.S. and the intense rate of contribution to climate change are making it difficult to avoid such situations. Scientist Carbon Brief conducted an experiment in which results show that 70 percent of the extreme weather disasters were caused by human-induced climate change. It also stated that in the present, trends of extreme weather were more likely to occur because of the climate change that we face in the current moment. This human-caused climate change not only harms the population in the long run but also the environment/planet. 

However, knowing this, President Joe Biden in April claimed that he would put in planet-warming fossil fuels in the U.S. This cost would be taken out of the democrats’ “Build Back Better” package which has around $555 billion to help get rid of climate change. By investing more money into having a better climate and fixing climate change, there is more of a chance that the U.S. will be spending less money.

Hopefully, the U.S. is able to find a relative solution to their increasing weather costs along with the climate change that causes it. This issue is very prominent and often goes unaddressed, even though the United States average temperature in the U.S. is 55 degrees. This shows that the past year has actually been one of the hottest years in U.S. history. During which the United States spent just about $145 billion on weather disasters. 

Knowing all this, however, Joe Biden has made the budget for climate change $36 billion. At the rate of speed the weather is changing and the amount of money that is being dropped into this, there is expected to be more money for the budgeting of climate change.