How is COVID-19 affecting BC nursing students?

Seamus Allen // The Watchdog

COVID-19 has brought hardship upon us all, but for students in the nursing program at Bellevue College, that impact is especially significant. First-year student Vicky Copeland talked to the staff about how COVID-19 has affected her and her peers this past year as she pursues transfer into a nursing program.

“I think the biggest thing holding me back is the fact that we can’t yet have in-person classes. I think it would be very difficult to learn the proper skills [for nursing] without being able to learn in a skills lab or to practice with real people.” The break from human interaction has been a huge divider since nursing focuses on helping people.

Apart from the initial uncertainty of the coronavirus, Copeland believes “that COVID-19 has made a lot of people who considered nursing before rethink their career path.” Due to the lack of person-to-person communication, many students have lost motivation. Since nursing students want to help people, not being able to help anyone, especially themselves, is less than motivating.

Although some students became less motivated, others were inspired as they watched fellow nurses save the day. “The education during this time is the hard part but the work is so rewarding and so worth it. To be able to see the kind of difference healthcare workers make has inspired me and many of the nursing students I know,” Copeland commented.

Although COVID-19 dissuaded some, it strengthened the path for others. Watching the nurses and healthcare workers fight on the front lines against the virus brought a sense of pride to the nursing community. Healthcare workers are vital to keeping people safe. They are the true heroes that have been rightfully recognized throughout this hard time.

“COVID-19 has created many struggles mentally, emotionally and certainly physically, but then again, so does nursing school,” Copeland finished. “COVID-19 has reminded many of how important healthcare workers truly are and has inspired a new generation of future nurses.”