New AI-focused Bachelor’s Degree Program at BC

Photo Credit // Clementine Allen

Beginning Fall 2022, a new concentration will be available at Bellevue College! Due to the rising relevance of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in the ever-evolving modern industry, BC has added the option to receive an Information Systems and Technology (ITS) Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) with a Concentration in AI. This addition comes following feedback from major tech employers including Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook in that it could be a valuable asset for students to have an AI concentration if they are hoping to someday work in that field.

The degree will focus on the programming language Python, including a variety of AI development libraries. Students will also get an opportunity to explore machine learning, data analysis, and modeling, as well as other critical computer science skills. The degree is also nicely accessible to those thinking about switching careers, as the prerequisite is just the Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Associates of Applied Science-Transfer degree, but is also available for students who have finished all the necessary prerequisite coursework.

As the demand for people skilled in AI and computer science progressively rises, this new concentration is all the more valuable to those looking to enter the field. As stated in the announcement article from Bellevue College, BC provides an important pipeline for people to enter the technology industry, and this addition only gives students even more opportunities to specialize.

If you think an ITS BAS with a Concentration in AI could be right for you, be sure to look at its informational webpage. If you have questions about the degree, feel free to email the program manager Alysa Kelsey at