Restaurant review: Sureshot Coffee

Pacing the streets of University District in Seattle, it’s deceivingly difficult to find a coffee shop not owned by Starbucks Coffee Company. Shops with funky green mermaid/siren logos sprawled down every corner were not what I was looking for. I wanted some good coffee and a genuine atmosphere, I hopped into an alluring shop and was welcomed by smiling faces. “Where can I get good coffee?” I asked. The question asked itself. We’re in the middle of Seattle; there’s got to be something fantastic around here. “Sureshot, it’s down one street and up the next,” the employee replied.

Onward I hiked. I found the place, it was quaint and reminded me faintly of my favorite coffee joints in Olympia. It was not densely populated, but perhaps that was a fault of the hour. The man working there was incredibly nice, and though the building was decorated plainly, it was warm and inviting. There were games available to play and of course, delicious coffee and wonderful tea. I chose to order something I didn’t see on the menu, and that wasn’t a hassle at all: dirty chai, a rice milk chai tea latte with two shots of espresso. They offer dairy-free options and local organic chai tea as well, I was all over that stuff.

The place also supports local venues and poets. While I was in there, one person came to post an advertisment for their upcoming concert, and another stuck on a sticker hoping for people to visit. The man working was respectful to them and wore an optimistic visage.

To top it all off, I was offered a stamp card. Three stamps down, seven to go, and I’ll get a free Sureshot.