Restaurant Review: 13 Coins

February 20, 2022 0

By far one of the best restaurants in downtown Bellevue has to be 13 Coins. As I walked into 13 Coins, I was greeted by the nicest host who then […]

Restaurant Review: Cabbage Patch

February 13, 2022 0

Walking into Cabbage Patch was like a childhood fantasy come true. Most children have a phase where they wonder what life was like in the 1900s, and this restaurant has […]

Restaurant Review: Plum Bistro

October 10, 2021 0

Plum is a vegan array of restaurants all around Seattle. There is Plum Bistro, Plum Chopped, Sugar Plum, Plum Truck, and Pantry by Plum Bistro. Chef Makini Howell is the […]

Mediterranean Grill restaurant review

May 17, 2020 0

See this as an incentive to help the foodservice industry: in times like these, we deserve to treat ourselves, and I believe that south-east Mediterranean food is a great choice […]

Himitsu Teriyaki: always a good idea

April 26, 2020 0

Of all the businesses adversely affected by the coronavirus, few are doing more to persist than our local food eateries. You don’t need me to spell out exactly how a […]

Restaurant review: Sureshot Coffee

July 2, 2013 0

Pacing the streets of University District in Seattle, it’s deceivingly difficult to find a coffee shop not owned by Starbucks Coffee Company. Shops with funky green mermaid/siren logos sprawled down […]

Review: Little Sheep Hot Pot

June 4, 2013 0

A smiling older woman brought out a warm bowl of the spicy broth that is laden with herbs and chilies, and placed it on a glass stove in the table. […]

Review: There’s a yeti on the loose

May 28, 2013 0

I know, I know. You’ve had enough of the frozen yogurt craze. If you hear “froyo” or some other truncated name for that unsatisfactory substitute for ice cream you’re going […]