Restaurant Review: Cabbage Patch

Fork and knife on wooden table
Photo by Bru-nO from Pixabay.

Walking into Cabbage Patch was like a childhood fantasy come true. Most children have a phase where they wonder what life was like in the 1900s, and this restaurant has the same exact experience straight from when you walk into it. The restaurant is located in downtown Snohomish, Washington — which is surrounded by vintage shops and areas to give an authentic American experience. As you walk into the restaurant, you are greeted by well-dressed and delightful hosts and amazing staff ready to take orders immediately and provide a sweet experience.

As I sat down, I was astounded by not only the history of the place but the setup inside. They had white curtains around the area I sat in, and the tables were traditionally wood-made. I had heard from a friend of mine that the banana pie and the chicken-fried steak were their specialties, so of course, I had to give them a try. Along with that, I ordered some fish and chips, and I had some mini scones that came with them for free as they serve it for everyone. The food was presented in a timely fashion and the staff was very generous.

When the food first sat on the table, I was astounded. Their serving sizes were huge! But, lucky as I was, I had a friend with me. She ordered just some raspberry cream pie, and we began to eat. As an immigrant, I usually prefer my food with a little bit of seasoning regardless of what it is, and my main concern with American restaurants is that they are usually a bit too unseasoned with their food for my liking. However, Cabbage Patch had all their food seasoned. I must admit, it wasn’t the seasoning I was used to, but it did not matter. It tasted excellent! 

However, my reason to go to this place wasn’t just because of the food. I’ve lived in Snohomish for a while, and it is a very connected city. Everyone in Snohomish is constantly talking to each other about exciting new things, and one of the things I had heard was that Cabbage Patch had a haunted history. So of course, I did my research on this. According to our Cabbage Patch host, in the past, many customers and staff have reported seeing a “ghost,” or rather, a little girl who haunts the restaurant. Unfortunately, I was unable to see any ghosts at the restaurant.

What I must say is that overall, if you are in need of some ghostbuster action or just want some amazing pie, I definitely recommend this restaurant.