Restaurant Review: 13 Coins

Happy Birthday crème brulée
Anwesha Naidu // The Watchdog

By far one of the best restaurants in downtown Bellevue has to be 13 Coins. As I walked into 13 Coins, I was greeted by the nicest host who then took me to a table. My four friends and I were walk-in customers, so we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to get a table immediately. Lucky for us, however, it was Super Bowl night and we were able to get a table right away. 

We were seated close to the bar, and we were given a nice booth with almost no other customers nearby. After waiting for about five minutes, our table server had arrived. She was an attentive and delightful woman while also very fun and full of energy. We waited a reasonable amount of time, and then we were given our food. 

Our orders that night included chicken fettuccine, chicken fettuccine without the chicken, garlic parmesan wings and lobster macaroni and cheese. Although personally, I had ordered the chicken fettuccine without the chicken, I was expecting a much smaller serving size. However, to my surprise, not only mine but all the portions were surprisingly large. I could hardly finish it all, but I must say, it was absolutely delicious. I have tried fettuccine pasta at many different restaurants but none have had the type of seasoning I had at 13 Coins so far. After having the best fettuccine I have ever tried, our server asked if we wanted more, which was when my friends blurted out that it was my birthday. The server then brought out the most beautiful crème brulée. She had it decorated with “Happy Birthday” written around it. To my surprise, I wasn’t charged for it either.

This crème brulée was honestly just so tasteful. It had just the right amount of filling and was not only presented beautifully but lived up to its beauty. We finished dinner by ordering a Chocolate Chip Cookie Extreme, which was a freshly-baked cookie with whipped cream and fudge on top. 

The total ended up being just over $100 for four people. For a price like this and a presentation so wonderful, 13 Coins truly lives up to its hype! I definitely recommend this restaurant!