Restaurant Review: Plum Bistro

Plum is a vegan array of restaurants all around Seattle. There is Plum Bistro, Plum Chopped, Sugar Plum, Plum Truck, and Pantry by Plum Bistro.

Chef Makini Howell is the one behind this. Ever since she was a men’s denim designer in NYC, Makini has been passionate about curating a beautiful and stylish dining experience for vegans, omnivores, and food lovers alike. She created Plum to fill the void for balanced, plant-based meals with seasonal vegetables, non-GMO soy, and organic fruits and herbs from local, family-owned farms.

I went to Plum Bistro in a group where we got drinks, an appetizer, and entrees.


Blackberry Lemonade (3/5)

It was extremely sour.

Red Peach Tea (4.5/5)

The tea had a distinct peach flavor, it tasted like there were actual peaches! But the tea was warm, which I thought was a bit odd for peach tea. We should’ve ordered it cold, but that’s our fault.


Buffalo Cauliflower Bites (5/5)

These tasted quite similar to real Buffalo wings and were definitely worth it.


Mama Africa Salad (3.5/5)

It was flavorful and fresh, with an amazing dressing. The dish was unbalanced, however, as there were a lot more greens compared to toppings.

Black Truffle Sweet Potato Gnocchi (5/5)

The gnocchi was flavorful, the pesto was vibrant, the peas were fresh and the sausage was the finisher that the dish needed, making the dish a perfect harmony.

Black Pepper Fried Chick’n Burger (4.5/5)

The chick’n was rich and the sauce flavorful. But beware if you get this, as it’s very messy.

“My American Guy” Cheese Burger (5/5)

The cheeseburger toppings were fresh, the sauce was flavorful. The patty was a unique mixture of Beyond beef and farro.


The service was speedy and they were very polite. However, if you are going to go, I would recommend going a bit early because it gets full very fast as they are a bistro and have limited seating.

Overall (10/10)

If you go to Plum Bistro, I would recommend the red peach tea, the buffalo cauliflower bites, the black truffle sweet potato gnocchi, and the “My American Guy” cheeseburger. Plum Bistro should definitely be added to your restaurant bucket list.