New Link Light Rail Stations Up and Running

Photo by Elena Saharova from Pexels

On Oct. 2, three new light rail stations opened up throughout Seattle in the University District, Roosevelt and Northgate as part of the Northgate Link Extension.

The new stations significantly boost travel speed to popular areas such as downtown Seattle and the SeaTac airport. A trip from Northgate to downtown on Line 1 is expected to take just 15 minutes while traveling to SeaTac is expected to take around 45 minutes.

Trains run every eight minutes during peak hours. Payment is similar to other Sound Transit systems; simply scan an ORCA card or purchase a ticket upon entry to the station. ORCA cards can be purchased online or at a King County transportation office. Trains usually start just before 5 a.m. and run to around 10 p.m. during weekdays, but exact times will depend on the route.

The new stations are just the beginning of the 25-year growth project approved for Seattle’s light rail system. 62 new miles of light rail will complete a 116-mile system and will connect 16 cities. By 2024, Link light rail is planned to expand to East King County, Tacoma, Lynnwood, Federal Way and downtown Redmond.

Being carless in Seattle is easier than ever. Fast, reliable and affordable transportation is quickly becoming the norm. This is a game-changer for students and workers, but also for local businesses and economic growth.