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ASG Report: April 14, 2009

April 21, 2009 0

Lori Saffin, instructor and Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) advisor, sponsored by Amanda Alva, ASG president, requested that the ASG approve $4,030 to cover a guest speaker for BC Identities Week. Vicki Waiking Ma, VP of finance and communication, motioned to allocate $460 from the club’s 1984 Reserve account to pay students a stipend for volunteering to serve food during the upcoming ASG Election Barbeque. […]

Taste of Bellevue College

April 21, 2009 0

April 16,  C130-A and B were filled with faculty and students attending the annual “Taste of BC Potluck” . Upon entering the room, one might have been dazzled by potent […]

ASG Elections begin

April 7, 2009 0

It is that time again, to scramble through applicants, watch their campaigns, and elect new officers for the Associated Student Government. There are 12 position openings within the Executive Board, […]

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