Staying Up to Date with 2022 Tuition Deadlines

Photo by from Pexels.

Paying tuition on time can ensure that your classes don’t get dropped unexpectedly. Just like enrollment dates, tuition deadlines are important to keep in mind. Tuition due dates are determined based on the enrollment date of the class. 

Fall 2022 payment deadlines are: 

Enrollment DatePayment Deadlines
May 9 – August 29August 30
August 30 – September 9September 12
September 10 and afterTuition due by the end of the following business day

To know your specific payment due date, log into your ctcLink account and click on “What I Owe.” This page will display your charges and the payment deadline for each quarter. 

Staying up to date with payments is crucial for students’ success. If you have trouble remembering when to pay, the Watchdog recommends: 

  1. Add the deadlines to a physical calendar where you can easily see and remember them.
  2. Create reminders on your phone or add them to your phone calendar.
  3. Pay at the same time that you register for classes. 
  4. If you’re unable to pay on time, visit the BC Tuition Payment Plan for more information on how to set up a payment plan or contact the Student Financial Services Office at

Tuition balances can be paid online, in person or through the BC Tuition Payment Plan. If you run into any issues while paying or have any questions about deadlines and tuition payment, email the Student Financial Services Office.