Tips for Spring Cleaning

Photo by Roselyn Tirado from Unsplash.

Spring cleaning can seem daunting, overwhelming, or complicated to some. But one shouldn’t feel too stressed about it, because there are many ways to make cleaning doable and effective. There are even some renovation techniques that can brighten a home, office, or other space that is used frequently.

First and foremost, it’s a good idea to know what exactly to clean. Sometimes people can rush into too many cleaning projects at once, which can leave them feeling frustrated. Instead, try writing down a list of everything you could possibly work on, then circle a few that need attention at the moment. For instance, if your desk is littered with loose papers to the point where it is not easily usable, then target that first.

Once you’ve located a place that needs help, take your time and reserve specific hours in which you can work on it. Maybe try two hours each day of the week, or multiple one-hour cleaning periods throughout the day. Some people might find that working on something in one sitting can leave them feeling rushed, and can tire their efforts. It’s best to stay well-rested and hydrated when putting long hours into anything, so utilize your time and be mindful of your health. Even asking a friend to help out can make it less stressful.

Not all spring cleaning has to do with tidiness and organization. It can even include painting a room, adding decor, or rearranging furniture. Because these projects might take longer than expected, it would be smart to follow the healthy habits above.

That being said, if one lives in a rented space, such as an apartment or dorm room, they might not be able to make as many changes as someone who owns their residence. However, there is a myriad of methods to alter a room, such as stick-on wallpaper, wall tapestries, and more.

If someone still feels unsure about what exactly to do with their living space, it’s best to follow a theme. A certain color or pattern could reappear frequently, or the same brand of furniture could be used to create cohesion. All these elements blended together can make a room more cozy and peaceful.

Regardless of the effort it may take, spring cleaning and renovations can be a fulfilling experience. These techniques can drastically change someone’s room for the better, which can make them feel happier and more optimistic. Taking your time, asking for help, and brainstorming ideas allows a world of opportunity, all within the canvas of four walls.