Ultimate Frisbee?

In case you didn’t know: a non-contact sport that involves flying disks
By Alex Couture – Student Reporter
Ultimate frisbee is the sport that can be played by young and old, fit or unfit. Much like football, Ultimate frisbee involves a team trying to throw a disc down a rectangular field while another team attempts to stop them. The official ultimate frisbee field is 70 yards by 40 yards, with two end-zones 25 yards deep. The teams, which officially have seven players, will line up at each end zone. The defense “pulls” (throws) the frisbee to the offense. When a pass is completed in the opposing team’s end-zone, a point is scored. The “thrower” is one who throws the frisbee. The thrower is allowed to throw the frisbee anywhere, but he is not allowed to move with the frisbee in hand. He must also throw the disc within 10 seconds of catching it. When a pass is incomplete (interception, dropped, un-catched), the offense becomes the defense. Contact is prohibited in the game. Any contact will result in a foul, which can lead to a redone throw. The game is self-officiated, which means that every player needs to be honest, note fouls and avoid running with the frisbee. Ultimate frisbee has as one of its official rules, “the spirit of the game.” They stress that within ultimate frisbee, one should remember sportsmanship and adherence to the rules before competition. Rules, like no contact and self-officiating, make the game easy for all people to play. Stella Orechia, physical education instructor at BCC, uses the game in her cardio fitness class (PE 117). She believes the game encompasses a variety of players. If you are a bad thrower, you can make up for it by being fast, or by being a good catcher. It is co-ed, and focuses on hand-eye coordination, agility, and balance. BCC had an ultimate frisbee club that used to play against the University of Washington’s team. The club is no longer active, but Orechia would like to see it come back.