Upcoming Theater Events in the Seattle Area

Zoe Loughnane // The Watchdog

Contrary to popular belief, theaters are open and welcoming guests! The arts are back and ghost lights are back to fending off (or accompanying — depending on which tale you believe) ghosts only at night. The curtains are up, so let’s run through what shows are currently available for you to see this March.

As a theater lover myself, I have had the pleasure of seeing “Fannie: The Music and Life of Fannie Lou Hamer” and “Freestyle Love Supreme” since COVID-19 restrictions were lessened. The latter is running at the Seattle Repertory Theatre (Seattle Rep) through March 13. The Seattle Rep is always an excellent place to catch shows; there is a good view from every seat in the house and the tickets aren’t too expensive.

The Taproot Theatre Company is doing a production of the play “See How They Run” until March 5. To find a synopsis and more information about this play, visit the theater’s website

Village Theatre is putting on “Songs for a New World” until March 13 at their Everett location, and at their Issaquah location, “The Book Club Play” is running from March 2 to April 3. I’ve had a lot of good experiences with Village and their 2022/2023 season looks quite good, even if you are not interested in what is playing right now.

The Edmonds Driftwood Players are showing the play “Homes & Sherlock” from March 4 to 27.

The Paramount Theatre is hosting “The Band’s Visit” national tour for a short run from March 8 to March 13.

“Blue,” the 2020 winner for Best New Opera (Music Critics Association), is playing at the Seattle Opera House on March 2, 5, 9, 11, and 12.

Seattle Public Theater at the Green Lake Bathhouse is putting on Dominique Morisseau’s “Pipeline” from March 11 to April 3. Morisseau is an acclaimed playwright with her latest play “Skeleton Crew” just closed on Broadway. “Pipeline” is one of her older plays, originally playing back in 2017. This is definitely the upcoming play that I am most excited about. For more information, visit the theater’s website.

Most of these theaters provide student discounts, or income-conscious rates for tickets, but be sure to do your own research beforehand. For shows at the Seattle Rep and 5th Avenue theater, the TodayTix website and app are amazing places to check out. You can find other tips and tricks for cheap tickets in our other article! I use both TodayTix and TeenTix frequently and I have gotten to see quite a few shows with little to no financial strain. 

Hopefully, these shows have piqued your interest! The Seattle area is filled to the brim with the arts, and this article was more of a brief overview of the scene than a deep dive. Go forth theater lovers and thrive in our newly rebirthed world!