Weekly Reads: Death in Disguise

Photo by NordWood Themes from Unsplash.

“Maybe she had, Paniatowski agreed silently, though her gut was telling her that the killer — for reasons of his own that she couldn’t even begin to guess at yet — had removed all of the victim’s documentation.”

— Sally Spencer, “Death in Disguise”

The book “Death in Disguise” by Sally Spencer may seem like an immediate and basic mystery novel at first sight, but upon reading the book, it works its way around some deep twists and unfolds to be a perfect novel.

The book is one of many books with Detective Chief Inspector Monika Paniatowski as a lead investigator, and it is set in one of the most prestigious hotels in the UK. It uncovers the mysterious death of an American guest in a foreign setting, with hidden details slowly unfolding as the book goes on.

As the reader dives deeper into the book, they will not only fall in love with each and every character but also become addicted to the plot. The police findings and the scenes are perfectly described throughout the entirety of “Death in Disguise,” making the book very easy to follow with the ability to understand what exactly is going on throughout the storyline.

This book always keeps your attention. Once you begin reading, it will be hard to put it down. Throughout “Death in Disguise,” Spencer’s characters are fun and quirky, as well as serious just when they needed to be. The setting is in the 70s, though the time of the book ranges all the way back to the 20s. When I was reading the ending, it caught me entirely by surprise. 

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys murder novels and to read more of Spencer’s books with DCI Monika Paniatowski.