Weekly Reads: Psychological Warfare

Image by Iñaki del Olmo from Unsplash.

The book “Psychological Warfare: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Human Behavior, Brainwashing, Propaganda, Deception, Negotiation, Dark Psychology, and Manipulation” by Neil Morton is honestly one of the most eye-opening books I’ve read. The book in and of itself is nonfiction informative about how there are many different ways that people can be affected by dark psychology. 

This will highlight all the negative ways you’ve been influenced by people in your life, and exactly how to shy away from it and truly respond in difficult situations. It also goes through many different possible situations in which manipulation might be used including work, school, or just simple conversations in a coffee shop, it also talks about the characteristics of people who have dark traits. 

When reading this book, one will truly understand the level at which Morton views the subject. He gives real-life examples and relates them to examples in history that serve as public illustrations of the different types of tactics used to negotiate. “Psychological Warfare” was also a book that truly explored the mindsets of people who hurt others. It talked about recognizing people who could be dangerous and how to steer clear of them, which is quite important in the real world. 

Overall, this is most definitely a book everyone should read. It really helps a person understand the many different types of environments in which psychological warfare may be used and how to completely avoid it or simply approach the situation without getting anyone hurt in the process.