Where to Get Your First Job After Graduation

Photo Credit: Clem Onojeghuo

So you graduated, now what? Finding the next foothold can be hard. Up until this point, your life has been guided by lots of schooling. Now that you have a degree, you thought finding a job would be easy. Contrary to that assumption, entering the workforce can be really hard.

Following your local news, researching jobs hiring near you and listening to the daily gossip are some ways to find a job. You can also look on sites like Robert Half and CareerBuilder to search for jobs near you. Figure out what kind of job you’re looking for and expand your search options. Don’t limit yourself because you don’t think you have enough experience.

If you are looking for a job in Seattle, Amazon is always hiring and you could be their next package sorter or fresh food deliverer. Universities around the Seattle area are always looking for new hires to help out with tutoring and student success. If you have a degree in communications, then you could become UW’s communication specialist. Look at local restaurants and become their next waiter or waitress! UPS has great benefits for their employees and is a great option if you are interested in packaging and delivery. Just keep your eyes open and look around as you drive or take the bus.

Need a fast minimum-wage job? Check out a McDonald’s, Target or Starbucks near you. Fast food restaurants hire frequently, and although they aren’t always pleasurable long-term options, they pay. Starbucks also has really great benefits such as life insurance, vacation, employee assistance and tuition reimbursement.

Our school is another option. Have you ever taken the time to scroll through the Bellevue College website? There are many options right here in Bulldog territory.

If you need a job, there are ways to find one. Some people hold out because they want to use their degree. I hope that whatever you got your degree in, you’re passionate about it. Go after your dream job and use that nicely built resume.

Be creative when searching for job options. Find your interests and look ahead at your future. Where do you want to be? Will this job help you get there? Do some soul-searching to make sure you don’t end up working somewhere in which you get stuck in that same endless rut.

Once you find a job, review how to prepare for an interview so that you can perform well. Instead of filling out endless online forms for different jobs, do some research first. Land that interview so that you can get that job.

Search Google Jobs in Seattle to find other job options right where you live. You can also check out our Center for Career Connections at Bellevue College!