BC Governance Opens Second Round of Nominations for Council Positions

Students looking at computer
Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

Bellevue College Governance (BCG) meets monthly to make recommendations to the college leadership on policies, strategic directions and resources, with recaps provided. All BC students, faculty and staff are eligible to be nominated and are even able to nominate themselves. In the BCG, the two council branches, constituency and functional, make up the College Assembly. As described by BCG, by serving on these councils, you can “let your voice be heard, [and] represent others at the decision table.” Nominations were open for the 2023-2024 year on April 3 through April 6. The BCG opened a second round of nominations for 10 additional days until April 17. You can submit a form to nominate a BC member or yourself to serve on the council. The second round is looking for nominations within the constituency councils, including classified, exempt, faculty and student members.

The classified council is made up of classified staff. The exempt council is composed of exempt staff. All councils deal with policies and procedures, strategic planning, and issues of college-wide concern, which are then forwarded to the president and other councils. The faculty council is comprised of BC full-time and adjunct faculty. They cover the same as above but hold responsibility for curriculum, faculty professional development and student assessment, overall handling issues concerning academic impacts. Lastly, the students on the student council are also on the Associated Student Government. They are the liaisons between students and the College Assembly. 

When self-nominating to be on one of the councils, you must also add a brief statement about yourself and your interest in serving on BCG. This will be posted on the voter guide during the elections. Additionally, new positions for dean, associate dean and classified staff have opened up on the Budget Review Advisory Committee. Those appointed will hold four-year terms, unlike the normal BCG positions, which are only for one year.