Talking Heads: How Have You Felt About Biden so Far in Office?

Biden has been in office for almost three months and many people have opinions on his term so far. People have a variety of different opinions on Biden including him doing plenty in office, not enough in office, or that the actions that he has made are questionable. This Talking Heads will cover how Bellevue College students feel about President Biden’s almost three months in office.

Jacob Vetter

“Thus far, I feel as though Biden’s current progression while in office has been less than moderate. I’m personally not the biggest fan that he reversed many of the actions made by the previous administration, including the cancellation of wall production, reversing executive orders and reinstating unnecessary regulations. But looking past the negatives, I’d say he’s been a pretty standard president over all. When he came to office, the COVID-19 vaccination was discovered, but was yet to be distributed. I credit Biden with the success of the vaccine distribution and the ability to keep us well-updated on its progress. Like the previous president, I like that he’s taken a strong stance on the world stage. But I frown on the way he’s dealt with countries like Russia or North Korea; aggravating potentially dangerous world leaders is something of discomfort, especially after only recently making peace with North Korea. I don’t approve of his border policy. There are more people coming from the border illegally and less security. And yes, this resulted in more people in cages. Still, these are just the first few months. I believe that in the years to come, his administration will continue making an impact; and I’m sure that impact will again sway my opinion of Biden, whether that be for better or worse.”

Olivia McPherson

“I’ve felt very relieved to have Trump OUT of office, and to see progress being made in regards to COVID-19. I don’t think Biden has made the best decisions so far and he will probably continue to make questionable choices, but I am glad that he’s in office and not Trump.”

Ialissa Fredrickson

“Currently, I am pleased with Biden’s administration. I am happy that he is addressing the pandemic more seriously by encouraging mask-wearing more and honoring those who have died from COVID-19. I am also glad that he is focusing more on climate change and that his admin has addressed racial hate crimes such as racism towards Asian Americans. But of course I have heard negative things about him such as the fact that he issued the bombing in Syria. But, if I’m being honest, I am feeling a bit more at ease compared to 2020 politics.”