BC Poetry Profile: Liliana Ponder

Liliana Ponder Portrait.
Liliana Ponder // Used with permission.

Liliana Ponder is a student here at Bellevue College. Below is a piece of her poetry work followed by a brief interview.

“Ode to my microphone”

Echoing chamber 
plugged into the folds of my brain. 
Speaker for unheard thoughts 
powered via the creative outlet. 
Sleek cold feeling 
like touching a pane of glass.
Comforting blue, 
an abyss that my words can fall into. 
The shape of a pill. 
A pill full of rage, judgment, fear, hope. 
Medicine that can be the cure  
and the disease.
A type you can’t always swallow. 
Like an escape pod flying through space, 
watch it enter my focus’ orbit.
Unexpected catalyst, 
it causes a stream of inspiration to grow. 
High-voltage courage.
A mechanical eye that sees right through me. 
Scavenging for traits
that I have hidden within my ribcage. 
Summoning a mirror, I’m afraid to peek into. 
In your metallic basket, you bring me shears. 
A tool that helps me cut through my overgrown path.
You give me a place to unload the heavy bricks I carry around.
A safe space that isn’t easily found. 
In your absence, 
like a small tack in a thick carpet, 
I would be lost. 
Electrified ballads wouldn’t be sung in tune. 
Melodies couldn’t fully express their moods. 
A jumble of noises; 
crackling, unclear voices.

Q: Why do you like writing poetry? Why is poetry important?

A: I like writing poetry because it gives me a place to lay out my thoughts. I have a difficult time conveying what I want to say out loud and writing them feels easier to me. It’s my outlet and I feel like without it, I’d be in a less functioning state than I am now. I also like to use poetry to relate, and I hope someone out there can relate to how I feel and possibly know that they’re not alone.

Q: What is this poem about and why is it your best piece of work?

A: This poem is about the microphone that I use to record music. The poem shares the microphone itself and the thoughts and feelings that it can bring me when I hear my own voice. I think this poem is my best work as of now because of the images that I can produce in one’s head. I used a lot of figurative language and I think it works well in this poem.

Q: Do you have plans of pursuing poetry as a career or hobby?

A: I don’t have plans to pursue poetry as a career, currently. I like writing poetry as a hobby for sure though, and if that consists of putting some of my work out there I would gladly do so.

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