BC’s ISA Returning to Campus with a Welcoming Pizza Party

Photo by Andreas Riedelmeier from Pixabay.

One of the greatest adventures to have as college students is to meet people from all over the world and be able to create connections with students of different backgrounds. The International Student Association (ISA), like many other student organizations at Bellevue College, has been heavily affected by most classes and cultural events being online. 

During the pandemic, the ISA has tried to stay connected with current and new international students and has created a variety of online events. However, the club has always been eager to go back to campus and to have those amazing experiences that are part of the core values of the club. 

After multiple meetings and gathering information from students, the ISA will finally have its first in-person event since rechartering back in September 2021. With new members participating and the support of the International Students Affinity Coordinator, the ISA will provide 25 students who registered prior to the event the chance to join a welcoming pizza party on Tuesday, Feb. 22 where attendees will be able to meet each other, share a delicious pizza and engage for about two hours at the U building.

The ISA welcoming pizza party is one of the many events that the club wants to bring to both international and local students with the purpose of creating community again and supporting not only their academic success but also their social interactions while being in college. 

Sophia Oliveira, president of the ISA and the Brazilian Club and international student from Brazil, believes that the ISA needs to go back to campus because international students need to get involved to grow personally and professionally, and to have the chance to enjoy their time in college. 

Oliveira said, “I feel really excited to have the opportunity to be on campus, and finally get to know the [ISA] members in person. Since we moved to the U.S. we didn’t have many opportunities to experience what BC has to offer and get to know more people.”

During this pizza party, ISA members will have the chance to connect and create stronger connections with other international students at BC, which for any organization is important when it comes to creating a strong team.

“Being an international student is challenging in many ways … On-campus connections, making new friends and joining activities is a way to start building new connections and know people that will support [us] throughout this process of adapting,” Oliveira added.

As the ISA gets ready to start planning more events on campus, international students are excited to have an in-person student life and enjoy the great space that BC has to offer.