Bellevue College Celebrates Earth Day 2024 Throughout April

An image of booths at the Bellevue College Earth Month Market 2024
Sophia Keeling // The Watchdog

Each year on April 22, people from all over the world come together to celebrate the Earth and work towards a more sustainable future. Earth Day was first recognized in 1970 when climate activists came together to help spread awareness of the environmental challenges facing our planet. Since then, Earth Day has been recognized by over 190 countries and local events are hosted all across the world. Events aim to address topics such as climate change, pollution and renewable energy sources, from local to international levels.

At Bellevue College (BC), celebrating the Earth isn’t just limited to one day. Instead, events last the whole month of April. This year, Bellevue College featured a theme of “Decarbonizing”, which represents the college’s work toward their goal of carbon neutrality. BC is hosting weekly events throughout April. From lectures to movie screenings to outdoor yoga, there’s a multitude of events to take part in! Some upcoming events include a climate justice lecture with environmental activist Jamie Stroble on April 22, as well as a clothing swap on April 29. 

On April 17, BC hosted their annual Earth Month Market, which featured booths dedicated towards sustainability and climate justice. Students, faculty, local entrepreneurs and government representatives all came together to spread awareness of how climate issues relate to all areas of our lives. One student-run group, the Textile and Sewing Club, ran a booth dedicated to raising awareness of how fast fashion impacts our planet. Other booths focused on sustainable forms of transportation, supporting local businesses and more.

An image of the textile and sewing club booth at the Bellevue College Earth Month market with a poster board titled "Environmental Impact of Fast Fashion."
Sophia Keeling // The Watchdog

Following the “Decarbonize” theme, BC’s Office of Sustainability will announce their 2024 Climate Action Plan on April 30 from 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. in the C Courtyard. The Climate Action Plan was first initiated in 2010, and has since been updated each year to ensure alignment with the college and community’s climate goals. The plan features strategies to be implemented towards carbon neutrality, lowering waste, social equity and more.
To learn more about Earth Day you can visit the 2024 official site or visit the Bellevue College website to see the Earth Month event schedule.