Canvas: Not as bad as we thought

Photo courtesy of Instructure
Photo courtesy of Instructure

With the start of spring quarter, not only did we receive new class schedules, but we also received the transition from MyBc to Canvas for all things school related. To be quite honest, navigating the new online system at first was nothing but a hassle and an additional load of stress. Thankfully, after a few weeks of learning how everything works, I’ve come to the conclusion that Canvas is a much better interface than MyBc was and will overall be helpful for students this quarter.

While I agree that Canvas was irritating to use at first, it really isn’t that hard of a site to navigate. With new quarter stress loads and trying to figure out what is expected of you from each class, it wasn’t my top priority to try and figure out. Now, it’s a breeze.

Jeffrey Nguyen, BC freshman, said, “It’s a pretty simple interface and more importantly, I think anyone can use it. I like the fact that I’m able to check my grades, assignments and quizzes frequently because, as a student, being on top of my school work is my priority.”

One major accomplishment that Canvas has given to students is the ability to get into contact with instructors quicker. With Canvas, there’s no longer the undeliverable email problems that come with using an email host such as Hotmail when trying to get in touch with a Bellevue College email address. Not only does this benefit students, but it also benefits the instructors. Classes are able to receive mass messages and reply back and forth and have class discussions outside of the classroom. Overall, Canvas helps for those who are too nervous to ask questions in class and provides an alternative to getting classmate’s numbers for outside of class questions.

Personally, when it comes to assignments, big or small, I like to know when everything is due and what exactly is expected of my assignment. With Canvas, detailed instructions of assignments are laid out clearly for everyone in the class to read. As well as this, the calendar feature lets you see far ahead of where you actually are in the class so you know when assignments are due and have no excuse for “forgetting.”

“I love the calendar on Canvas and how it synthesizes all three of my classes. I hardly use my planner anymore,” said Hana Waldenburg, BC freshman.

Another positive feature of Canvas that is incredibly beneficial to college students is the ability to view grades quickly. I know for myself, I like knowing exactly what my grade is and exactly what I got on an assignment as soon as the grade is available. With Canvas, the grades are written out right there for you and you’re able to clearly see what you received on an assignment.

Turning in assignments and actually remembering to bring hard copies to class has always been a struggle since high school for almost every single student out there, and Canvas helps greatly with that dilemma. Not only are the side bars consistently reminding you of when things are due, but most assignments (at least for me), are preferred and or required to be turned in online. With everything right at your fingertips and not left back at home on the printer, Canvas provides a more efficient way for students to turn in their work.

In the end, the new and improved (and mostly online), interface for Bellevue College students and instructors alike may have come off as a hassle, but in the end it’s a great help to all who interact with it.

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