Hiking the PNW: The Snoqualmie Valley Trail

The Snoqualmie Valley Trail (SVT) is a historic former railroad track turned walking trail that runs throughout the entire valley. It stretches just over 30 miles, from Duvall to North Bend. The trail is great for both commuting and recreation. Traveling by bicycle, foot and horseback throughout the valley is not only convenient, but often a preferable option thanks to the ease of access and beauty of it. The trail is also an incredibly flat and mellow journey as it winds throughout the lower and upper Snoqualmie Valley.

The SVT provides easy access to many of the major parks within the Snoqualmie Valley. If you are in the mood for an adventure, you could go all the way from Rattlesnake Lake (North Bend), past Tolt MacDonald (Carnation), and then down to McCormick Park (Duvall). Along the way, you’ll get beautiful views of the scenic valley, historic towns and a multitude of trestles and rivers to enjoy. 

You don’t have to commit to finishing the entire 30 mile trail. What makes the SVT so attractive is that it can conform to fit any type of adventure. Every couple miles or so it usually crosses an off road from 203 or other main highways of the area, making it both easily accessible and allowing you to enter and exit the trail at any point you could desire. If you’re in the mood to just have a dip in the Snoqualmie River, and then head home, the trail’s wonderful for that too! 

SVT itself is a sight to behold. Whether you are passing above a glistening river, surrounded the valley’s quaint farmlands or journeying along a misty morning surrounded by towering firs, you’re in for a treat. The natural scenic beauty of the valley allows the trail to take you on a trip through some of the best views and environments the area has to offer. Within the Snoqualmie Valley and greater King County, there are so many amazing options for places to hike and adventure. The SVT is there to connect them all together, serving almost as a hub that other parks and recreational areas can rub up against within the valley. No matter the kind of adventure you’re looking for, if you’re in the Snoqualmie Valley I’m sure you’ll be able to incorporate the SVT.