How to Navigate ctcLink’s Mobile App

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Did you know that ctcLink can be accessed on your phone? In addition to the desktop ctcLink site, there is also a mobile view that can be accessed by visiting on your device’s web browser or by downloading the app through Android’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Although both the desktop and mobile views offer many of the same services, the way you navigate these services differs between the two. Since most of BC’s student ctcLink training and tutorials are focused on the desktop site, we’ve gathered information on all of the mobile features here so you’ll know exactly what you can do while on the go and how to do it!

When you first sign in to the mobile app with your ctcLink ID, you will be presented with a homepage containing many useful tiles that link to sites such as Canvas, the ITS help desk, and even to a campus map. If you click the “ctcLink Login” tile, you can find:

  • Dashboard: The default page contains three tabs with the following widgets. These are customizable, so you can choose to hide or show each one individually.
    • General: Message center, to-dos, holds, waitlist, student exams and recent transactions.
    • Academics: Grades, class schedule and student exams.
    • Financials: Financial aid, recent transactions and what you owe.

By clicking the dark blue tab found in the center-left of the screen, you can access the following pages and services:

  • Class Information: Class search, browse classes and course catalog.
  • Enrollment: Enrollment details, planner, shopping cart, drop classes, swap classes and view waitlist.
  • Academics: Apply for/view graduation, view unofficial transcript, grades, programs, test scores, degree progress, what-if, advisor information and transfer credit.
  • Financials: What you owe, account activity, view financial aid, accept/decline awards, satisfactory academic progress, financial aid summary and view 1098-T.
  • Admissions: Application status and accept/decline admissions.
  • My Information: To-dos, holds and message center.
  • My Profile: General information, biographical information, contact info and emergency contacts.
  • Public Links: Campus map.
  • Full Site: Desktop view.

Now that you know what features you can find on the ctcLink mobile site and app, you can start saving yourself some time by managing your education while you’re commuting, waiting in line somewhere, or even while you’re still in bed! Remember that you can start registering for classes and paying your tuition starting Nov. 29 — all from your phone!