Is Sabrina Carpenter the Next Big Thing? Popstar Moves to Capitalize on Recent Popularity with Album Release

Image from @SabrinaAnnLynn on X //

On Monday, June 3, popstar Sabrina Carpenter officially announced that her new album “Short n’ Sweet” will be released on Friday, August 23.

“MY NEW ALBUM IS COMING OUT AUGUST 23rd!!!!💋,” she excitedly captioned an Instagram post. “This project is quite special to me and I hope it’ll be something special to you too.”

This will be her sixth studio album, following 2022’s “emails i can’t send,which featured hits like “Feather,” “Nonsense” and “because i liked a boy.”

Her fame skyrocketed when she dropped her massive breakout hit, “Espresso,” this past April, only days before her Coachella 2024 debut. 

“Espresso” landed Carpenter her first top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and has only continued gaining popularity. While she has been releasing music since 2013, she has finally found her niche and is quickly becoming more mainstream.

In another Instagram post on Sunday, June 2, she teased a song from the upcoming album that might have sonics similar to “Espresso.” The release date of Short n’ Sweet, as well as the thematic elements of “Espresso” and this new sound bite, suggest that this new album will lean into a more summery and flirty vibe, as opposed to the moodier feel of her older works.

Fans speculate that the surprises she has been hinting at might include more than just this new album. Along with the updated “Short n’ Sweet” themed merchandise on Carpenter’s website, a “Tour” page has been added, hinting at potential live performances to come.

Sabrina Carpenter’s upcoming album release and possible tour are sure to solidify her status as a rising star in the music industry. She is making it quite clear that this sudden spotlight marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her career.