It’s time to vote in the 2021 ASG elections

Photo Credit Thomas Allen. Used with permission.

Running unopposed for President is Theint Thu, a third-year international student from Myanmar. The President’s role is leading the ASG team in collaboration with faculty, administrators and the Board of Trustees to promote the interests and needs of the BC student body. Thu, who is completing a Bachelors of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, says that she has “always been an advocate at heart, which is the root of my passion for Student Government Work.” Her vision for her role as President is to “establish strong relationships with my team members, supervisors and all of Bellevue College” and to “continue expanding the legacy previous ASG leaders have left behind.”

Also running unopposed is Elisa Nguyen for the position of Vice President. A full-time Running Start student, Elisa’s main goal if she is elected is to make BC “feel like home, a place where everyone feels welcome and accepted, both online and in-person.” Nguyen says her skills are communication and organization, and that she will be active in her role by “[initiating] and [coordinating] student activities and [reaching] out to external businesses and organizations when needed.” The role of the Vice President is to assist the President in making sure projects are completed and interact with various student clubs and organizations. If elected, Elisa says she will use her position to “work hard to make Bellevue College a school that you are proud to attend.”

Full candidate bios and the voting form can be found in your Canvas dashboard under “ASG Election 2021.” You are not required to vote for both positions, but only one ballot can be submitted. All voting is anonymous and is open between June 3-7.