OPINION: The Importance of Taking Breaks from Social Media

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels.

The new standard for communication, especially post-pandemic, has been social media. Social media comes in many forms and is a way of talking/texting online, but it also is an area that allows you to see what other people are doing. Often while being active on social media, one can really start damaging their mental health. 

One of the biggest ways that social media can affect mental health is the social presence on the app. Often when being on the internet, we are subconsciously comparing ourselves to other people’s lives. We may see someone who is living better, has more followers, is prettier, or just simply has more money than we do. That causes our insecurities to come out and eventually makes our mental health become more damaged. 

However, getting off social media, maybe even for a couple of days can be helpful. It may be very hard the first couple of days because social media can be an obsession. You can quite literally be addicted to being on social media, and when you finally choose to break the cycle, you can benefit greatly from the decision. Just simply taking a week off social media can give you time to focus on yourself and find new hobbies. 

An idea of what you can do from just staying off social media is to go out more with friends you can meet in person. There are plenty of ways to still communicate with your friends without it being on social media. One great way is simply just getting their number and texting them. 

Another activity you can do is get into more activities. You may find that you have a new hobby by simply just staying off social media. You can also catch up on your favorite shows during this time, and spend some time with your family. 

Regardless of how you spend time off of social media, by the end of it, you will be relieved and have a more positive mindset. And when you actually do end up going back to social media you’ll be more prone to just minding your own business with a fresh new perspective, almost as if it’s your first time even being on the app. Everyone should try staying off social media for a few days, especially when their mental health is being damaged!