‘Save Coal Creek’ Urges Action to Save Wildlife Corridor from 35-Home Development

City of Bellevue

The Issaquah Alps Trails Club is advocating to protect a 12-acre wildlife corridor near Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park and Coal Creek Natural Area. Isola Homes spent $3.7 million to purchase the land about seven years ago in order to build 35 new homes. 

Constructing the homes would require the removal of a horse pasture, barns, three homes and 65 mature trees. The Issaquah Alps Trails Club has shared multiple reasons why the project should be stopped:

  • More homes with more people and cars will increase traffic on the roadways 
  • The land has a rich history and we must protect it 
  • The site has three wetlands containing multiple streams and is filled with fish, birds, bats, owls, frogs and more
  • The area also has many active wildlife including bears, deers, coyotes and bobcats
  • There is concern about erosion and safety in the area for building homes 

They are urging the city of Bellevue to purchase the property and protect it as a critical wildlife corridor. Their website suggests multiple ways the community can help their cause, including the following: