Scholarships Opening in the New Year

Man thinking with dollar signs in the background.
Photo by Tumisu from Pixabay

As a student, it can be hard to find scholarships that are targeted toward you among the many that are available. Many scholarship applications open during the new year, with scholarships in this article ranging from $500 to $50,000. It is worth taking the time to see if you are eligible for any of the ones shown here, as well as performing your own research to find more you may qualify for. Don’t forget to also apply for the Bellevue College Foundation scholarship!

AAUW Seattle Scholarship for Women Enrolled in WA Public Colleges

Each year, up to three scholarships between $3,000 to over $12,000 are offered to full-time undergraduate women who attended high school in King County. Scholarships are available to women who demonstrate financial need and the ability to complete their bachelor’s degree. Applicants must be accepted or enrolled at a public, four-year college or university in Washington or accepted into a BAS program at a college in the Seattle Colleges District, and will need to have at least 90 college credits or be receiving an AA degree before fall quarter 2022. They will also need a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. This scholarship requires two personal statements to apply. BC has helpful guides from the Writing Lab for this. The submission deadline is April 15, 2022.

Martin Achievement Scholarship

This scholarship is for students admitted to the University of Washington’s Seattle campus who have displayed exceptional ability in art, humanities, music, science, and/or leadership at any community college in the state of Washington. All applicants must be Washington residents who are also a US citizen, a US permanent resident or are otherwise eligible for in-state tuition. In addition, applicants must be currently-enrolled students at a community college in Washington pursuing their first degree and have earned at least 15 transferable credits. Running Start students cannot apply for this scholarship. The deadline to apply is early April.

Tau Sigma Honor Society Scholarship

Tau Sigma has established chapters at four-year institutions all across the country formed to recognize and promote the excellence of transfer students. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.5, a community college education, and must be transferring to an institution of higher learning. Up to 67 recipients of these scholarships will receive between $500 and $5,000 in awards. The application deadline is Nov. 1, 2022, and the application opens a few months before the deadline.

Niche $50,000 “No Essay” Scholarship

Niche is an online platform that can allow students to look at different colleges and universities to see what would be their perfect fit. Niche has always offered scholarships, but recently they opened their biggest scholarship ever. One student will receive $50,000 to cover the cost of tuition, living expenses, books, and other educational expenses. This is open to all current and prospective students and the winner will be determined by a random drawing. If applicants are between the ages of 13-17, parent permission is required.  Applicants must be legal residents of the United States, and only one applicant is allowed per household. The deadline is Feb. 28, 2022.

All information in this article comes from the corresponding scholarship’s website.