The Best Ways to Ride Public Transit to Campus

Sean Wu // The Watchdog

There are many bus stops spread around Bellevue College, making buses a great option for commuting to and from campus. The transit subsidy options BC offers, as well as new legislation allowing youth to access King County Metro for free, mean that the metro system has become highly accessible and convenient for BC students.

Several of the bus routes go through campus. The following bus routes stop at Tyee River Road/Coal Creek Road, a station that is at the heart of campus:

  • Route 221 to Redmond
  • Route 226 to Crossroads
  • Route 245 to Factoria
  • Route 271 to U-District, Downtown Bellevue and Issaquah

*Bus routes do not service BC on weekends

The closest transit point from campus is the Eastgate Park & Ride, which is only a nine-minute walk. Eastgate Park & Ride hosts all of the bus routes that go through campus, as well as more route options:

  • Route 212 to Downtown Seattle
  • Route 240 to Renton and Newport 
  • Route 241 to Downtown Bellevue

The map on BC’s official website helps locate nearby bus stops. However, the bus routes on the map have yet to be updated. For easy trip planning, it is suggested to use the King County Trip Planner.