Top Places to Dine for Thanksgiving Dinner in King County

Photo Courtesy: Pexel by Tima Miroshnichenko

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s expected to rejoice and prioritize enjoyment with your family. What better way is there to enjoy Thanksgiving than to satisfy your tastebuds? Usually, during Thanksgiving, you or your family spend the entire day cooking a large feast at home. However, according to a survey by Popmenu, 45% of Americans are planning to get part of, if not all, of their food from restaurants. Therefore, if you are in that group, fear not! I will be sharing the top places in the area to enjoy a delectable Thanksgiving, alone or with others.

Many restaurants can provide the right type of food for Thanksgiving, but not many are available on Thanksgiving day. The majority selection of restaurants that will be listed will be in or surrounding King County. These options are primarily only available for reservations, so, if you’re interested, plan ahead.

At Ben Paris on Nov. 25, you can get yourself and your family a traditional Thanksgiving dinner from 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. They will be offering salads and appetizers, the classic dishes, as well as desserts.

The Capital Grille, located in downtown Seattle, offers high-end, high-quality meals. It’s a fine dining restaurant and steakhouse that has a wide variety of foods. On Thanksgiving, they serve turkey, green beans, and cranberry pear as their main dishes. On a regular schedule, they are most notably known for their steak and seafood, as well as their excellent customer service. Their prices for the night are $55 for the adults and $20 for the children.

Sparrow in Kirkland is providing a diverse Thanksgiving dinner menu to the table (literally). The menu is composed of turkey, salads, seafood and more. At $75 per person, they can present you with three-course meals.

Daniel’s Broiler is offering both a buffet and a dinner between their Bellevue location and their Downtown Seattle counterpart. The price ranges from $75 to $80 for adults and is $25 per child ages 6 to 10. If you are interested in the buffet option, they also have live guitar entertainment.

Water Grill, located in Bellevue, is presenting a three-course meal that includes clam chowder, greens, turkey and cheesecake with pudding as their dessert. Their prices are $68 per adult and $24 per child.