Welcome Center Services at BC

Photo Credit // Clementine Allen

As many of us know, Bellevue College provides numerous resources to all BC students. But how about those who are not students yet? As prospective college students, we do extensive research to find the right college that will provide quality education, lifetime connections, and a lot of fun!

Bellevue College’s Welcome Center focuses on creating better and more successful experiences for prospective students of BC. The Watchdog talked to Ramon Concepcion, the Outreach Director of the Welcome Center, about the great information and resources that BC offers prospective students interested in beginning their academic path at BC.

“The department’s vision is to provide equitable and accessible admission guidance to all prospective students,” Concepcion said. “So how do we accomplish that? By developing community relationships with school districts and community organizations in order to make Bellevue College a more accessible institution in the Seattle/Bellevue metro area,” Conception added.

The Welcome Center not only has an active presence on campus, but also brings very useful and entertaining content on social media such as interactive videos about how to register for classes, cool places to see around Bellevue, and why BC is the best option for future students. This content is usually created by student employees called BC Student Ambassadors.

The Student Ambassadors work at the Welcome Center as a resource to potential students interested in student life at Bellevue College. “Once we started collecting the data, analyzing the data…We noticed how much students wanted to meet with someone from the campus and talk about BC, the student programs, the degrees, the housing,” Concepcion said. 

Located on the first floor of the U building in room U-120, the Welcome Center is accessible to everyone to provide support and guidance with admissions, campus tours, and informational sessions. When you walk into the U building, the great living-room area where the student ambassadors are located is hard to miss. According to Concepcion, “Because the info desk is student-led…they kind of dominate that space in a beautiful way.”

Although the Welcome Center focuses mainly on prospective students, all students are welcome to visit both in-person and by following their Instagram page, @welcomecenterbc. “If you want to connect to campus in a way that you haven’t connected before, schedule a campus tour and hang out with the BC Ambassadors…[to] go around the campus,” Concepcion suggests. He notes that “students are eager to connect with other peers.”