“The Voice”: Dreams in action

Photo courtesy of Victor Perez
Photo courtesy of Victor Perez

Watching television shows such as “American Idol”, “America’s Got Talent” and “The Voice” may seem like far-fetched dreaming for most people, but for Bellevue College freshman Victor Perez, it was reality. Perez recently auditioned for the hit TV show “The Voice” and made it far enough to where he was able to travel to Los Angeles to try and get his name in lights. Unfortunately, Perez only made it through three of the four rounds but he stated that the experience was still “an exciting and memorable one.”

Perez first flew down to LA to attend the open auditions and was called back to perform for a second time at a different venue. “This one was more intense as I had to sing on a stage with lights, a camera recording me, and a producer watching me, along with producing four full-length songs,” Perez said. After performing this time around, Perez was told he would have to wait a month until he would know his fate. Sure enough, a month later the call came that he would be flown down to LA yet again to perform for what would unfortunately be his last time for the crew of “The Voice.” Coming back from the experience, Perez said, “My favorite part about the whole experience was when I went down to LA for the semi-finals. I had never met a group of people so much like me, who had the same passion for music as I did. Honestly, my mind was blown because everyone there brought something different to the table and, the cool part was, I got to be a part of it.”

Not only was he able to meet new people and go for something he had never tried before, but Perez’s experience with “The Voice” was a lesson. “I learned that it’s not about trying to be somebody else when you’re up there singing, but that it’s all about being yourself and really digging deep within yourself to bring that originality out for people to see.”

Although it was his first time performing for something as credible as “The Voice,” Perez states that music has been his passion for quite a while. “Ever since I was in the 6th grade I knew I wanted to pursue music for the rest of my life. I was prepping to sing for a talent show and when I actually got up to sing, I felt that nothing else mattered but being in that moment,” Perez said.

Currently, Perez is still going strong at pursuing his career and passion for music. In the future, he is aiming to attend Berklee School of Music and to continue to build a fan base along with creating his own music. Next year, he also plans on auditioning for “The Voice” yet again. On top of all of this, Perez will start performing local shows. For those who are interested in learning more about Perez and his music, check out his Facebook page or attend his first show on April 20 at The Live Room in Sumner.