Bellevue College Hosting De-Stressing Activities During the Midterms

Sean Wu // The Watchdog

Midterms are known for being a difficult time of the quarter for students. With essays, exams and deadlines approaching, feeling stressed and overwhelmed is common among students. Bellevue College is aware of this and is offering a variety of activities on campus to de-stress during the midterms. The event will take place on Feb. 15 from noon to 2:00 p.m. at the Library in room D-126. 

There will be various activities meant to provide relief from stress, like mindful coloring, origami or bracelet making. These are all things that can calm you down and help you relax during midterms or anytime that you’re feeling stressed. The counselor directing these activities fluently speaks Vietnamese. 

Seasonal affective disorder affects 6-8% of the total population in Washington, and depressive symptoms spike during the darker winter months. Using a light therapy lamp can provide some relief. Light therapy lamps mimic outdoor light, which may cause a chemical change in your brain and ease the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder or depressive symptoms. There will be an opportunity at the event to learn more and test out a light therapy lamp to see if it’s something that’s helpful for you.

There will be a Career Specialist, fluent in both French and English, at the event to discuss how to move from your current class to a career path. There will also be Bellevue College advisors, who are fluent in both Spanish and English, present to answer questions about all of the different programs that BC offers or about your current degree.

Free stress balls will be given to those who come check out these activities, and there may be additional activities or resources available.